August 31, 2014 – Jeremiah 7

Why God Hates Sin

This time, God is speaking (through Jeremiah) to Judah, and of course is warning them of impending danger if they do not return to Him.  I can’t really explain why, but I very much felt like the tone of this chapter is like the conversations I have with my kids – “You’d better straighten up or I’m going to have to punish you.  This is all because of your poor choices…” (more…)

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Spiritual Growth – Blazing the Trail

Spiritual Growth - Finding a good lineWatch Out!

If you’ve ever done any serious mountain biking, you know that choosing a good line (path) is one of the most critical skills to surviving a difficult trail.  Nothing will familiarize you with the blended flavors of mud and blood quite like hitting a  protruding tree root the wrong way because you were too focused on that waterlogged boulder you just successfully  navigated.  Failure to choose a good line or to anticipate hazards is a formula for certain destruction.  Not only when navigating a bike trail, but when leading your family through spiritual growth as well. (more…)

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Personal Quiet Time – A How To Guide

Quiet Time - How ToWho:

You.  Me.  Everyone who wants to mature as a follower of Christ and be an effective tool in His mighty hand needs to spend time learning about Him, which is best accomplished through personal quiet time.  But ONLY you, or ONLY me…  If husband and wife sit together and do separate devotions, that’s great.  But it is important that they not interrupt each other’s study with whatever God is revealing to them at the moment.  That is great practice for couples and family bible study (which I highly recommend), but this is personal quiet time and it is important that it remain personal.



Personal quiet time consisting of intense and honest prayer coupled with active bible study.  Seeking God through his words and allowing Him to speak to you through your thoughts.



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Love is a Lie

Love is a LieHusband, Love Your Wife

Over and over throughout the bible we are commanded to love our wives.  Ephesians 5:25 says we should love as Christ loved the church giving ourselves up for her.  We are to set ourselves aside for her benefit.  We are to sacrifice on her behalf.  We all pretty much expect to do this when we first make our vows.  But as life progresses and the demands of running a home, challenges of raising children, and stresses of career set in, serving our wives out of love moves further and further down on our priority list

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Welcome to MOGBLOG

Who I Am and Why I Do This

I have been an average American Christian male – raised in church but devoted to myself.  I have struggled with lying, laziness, pornography and fear.  I have sat engrossed in television for more than 36 hours in a week and complained about not having time for intimate prayer or bible study.

But this is not a blog about who I have been.  This is a case study of a Romans 12:2 transformation in one man’s life.  (more…)

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