Pledge To My Wife

I Pledge

To:    My Wife

From:     Me

I am deeply grateful to you and to God for the privilege and honor of being your husband.

I Pledge:

  1. To love you with all of the patience, mercy, and determination that is found in Christ’s love for us. This is the first and greatest pledge and encompasses all others.
  2. To work diligently to provide sufficient income and resources to provide for the security of our family freeing you to maintain our home, follow charitable pursuits, or participate in whatever career you wish without concern for specific income requirements.
  3. To be your constant strong advocate and support for all worthy pursuits and through every trial and triumph you encounter.
  4. To strive constantly to become ever more a man of God so I may lead our family according to His design, so we can train our children to be reflections of Him, and so we can serve our community in a way to bring honor to Him.
  5. To bathe our family in prayer for God’s protection, guidance, and blessing.
  6. To speak of you only with positive and complimentary language. I will not disparage you through my words or actions.
  7. To desire nothing more than you with the exception of a life lived fully devoted to God.

I recognize I am not God, and am not capable of fully living up to this pledge.  Therefore, I must make some requests.

I Request You:

  1. Hold me accountable to this pledge and not allow me to make any excuse when I fail.
  2. Step in and lead our family when I am incapable of doing so either through illness or sin.
  3. Remember my failures are not due to lack of love for you but weakness in me.
  4. Find your value in God’s perfect love because he will not fail.
  5. Continue to pray for me.

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Love is a Lie

Love is a LieHusband, Love Your Wife

Over and over throughout the bible we are commanded to love our wives.  Ephesians 5:25 says we should love as Christ loved the church giving ourselves up for her.  We are to set ourselves aside for her benefit.  We are to sacrifice on her behalf.  We all pretty much expect to do this when we first make our vows.  But as life progresses and the demands of running a home, challenges of raising children, and stresses of career set in, serving our wives out of love moves further and further down on our priority list

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